Nameless One

The Nameless One is a high elf wizard from Kelletirandia, on the world of Wilderplane. He is the leader of the Darkweavers and an accomplished Illusionist and Enchanter.


The Nameless One has very dark purple skin and is completely bald. His aura is light violet.


The Nameless One knows a variety of spells, including illusions and a universal translator spell. He is experienced in enchanting items, and found a way to bind souls to power magic items.


The Nameless One was born Calithar Morningstar Lightbringer in Kelletirandia circa 3800 LY. At some point, he performed a ritual that allowed him to cast off his birth name and prevent anyone from affecting him with it any longer. While this may not have actually worked, no one alive still knows his birth name.

In 4326 LY, his followers captured the demon Vanankyte Venari, after a botched teleportation ritual landed her in Kelletirandia. He attempted to extract the secrets of primal magic from her, but upon scrutiny from the Elkandu, decided to flee the city with her. They wound up being captured by dwarves living inside an antimagic area beneath Kelletirandia, and were ultimately rescued by a team led by Suzcecoz, now merged with Vanankyte's master, Ayande.

Subsequently, the Nameless One went to Torn Elkandu to learn magic from the School of Thought. The Elkandu convinced him to release the souls held in his magic items, to which he reluctantly agreed, albeit thinking them squeamish.

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