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 Moonstone was born Nystiro in [[Lolonder]], [[Rascalanse]], on the 3rd of Frost Moon, 4308. Moonstone was born Nystiro in [[Lolonder]], [[Rascalanse]], on the 3rd of Frost Moon, 4308.
-++++ Nexus of the Wilderness | +When he was younghe accidentally killed his mother by calling down a freak snowstorm. Moonstone used Mind Magic to suppress his own memories of the events, and of his parents at all, and blocked out his inborn magic.
-Due to some events that happened in the past, Moonstone used Mind Magic to suppress his own memories of his parents.+
-Moonstone was recruited into the [[Elkandu]] in 4324. +Moonstone was recruited into the [[Elkandu]] in 4324, and became fast friends with [[Suzcecoz Ilawi]]. He attempted to help her when she started experiencing memory problems, but was not skilled enough to do much. She went off by herself for several months, and when she came back, she'd snapped and burned down [[City in the Trees]] again. This was where he learned that he was an inborn Frost Mage. He walked into the burning trees and found that they didn't feel hot, and started snuffing out the flames. Despite having little knowledge of magic, Moonstone went off with [[Warui]] riding on [[Harmony]]'s back in order to track Suzy down, and followed her into the [[Abyss]] and back. Again he tried to get into her mind and help her, and reminded her that a mental landscape is merely a crutch that a skilled Mind Mage doesn't need. This advice proved instrumental in Suzy breaking free of [[Ayande]]'s influence.
-{{tag>Characters_from_Lezaria Mind_Mages Frost_Mages}}+{{tag>Snow_elves Characters_from_Lezaria Mind_Mages Frost_Mages}}
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