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 +Mana is the magical energy used to power spells and [[enchantments]].
 +All mana ultimately comes from the [[Ethereal Plane]]. Any world cut off from the Ethereal will be unable to naturally replenish any ambient mana that is used. [[Catalysts]] are capable of drawing mana directly from the Ethereal, bypassing otherwise mana-dead worlds. It is easier to use mana at a [[node]], where the [[Veil]] is thinner, as well as anywhere inside the Ethereal Plane itself, such as on any [[plane]] or in a [[pocket-world]].
 +Mana resonates with the [[magical signature]] of the person who originally channeled it and filtered it through their [[soul]]. Any skilled [[Seeker]] can identify who cast a spell if they know someone'​s magical signature.
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