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 +====Mana-suppression collars====
 +Mana-suppression collars, also known as slave collars, are magic items used to prevent the wearer from channeling [[mana]]. They are commonly used when keeping slaves or holding mages prisoner.
 +Notably, the collars can only prevent a person from using their own mana. If they have access to mana from another source, such as a [[soulblade]], this will not prevent them from using it. It will also not prevent innate abilities from being used, such as a [[shifter]]'s shapeshifting.
 +In 4323, when [[Keolah]] and her companions were captured by [[trolls]] and sent to work as slaves in the [[Skyshadow Mines]], they were all fitted with mana-suppression collars. They were able to escape through use of [[Hawthorne]]'s soulblade, [[Zarnith]].
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