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 ==History== ==History==
-Kitsune was born Akahashi Hotaru somewhere in the [[Sunrise Islands]].+Kitsune was born Akahashi Hotaru somewhere in the [[Sunrise Islands]] in the distant past.
-++++ Nexus of the Wilderness | +In 3805, [[Inari]] commissioned Kitsune to steal the [[Imperial ring]] away from the [[Sunrise Emperor]]. She was successful, but while attempting to escape from the [[Imperial City]] with her prize, she came upon the [[Careful]] that was currently in this time period. Kitsune stowed away on board and created an [[illusion]] of [[Captain Zenk]] to command the crew to raise the gangplank and dump the [[Seeker]] [[Nomura]] into the water, and leave port, prompting the local authorities to give chase. The [[gnomes]] hastily performed a [[time travel]] ritual to return to their own time, but Kitsune was forced to throw the Imperial ring overboard, as its [[Time Magic]] [[enchantments]] were interfering with the ritual.
-The crew of the [[Careful]] picked up Kitsune as a stowaway during a [[time travel]] expedition gone awry. +
-{{tag>Kitsune Characters_from_Lezaria}}+{{tag>Kitsune Illusionists Characters_from_Lezaria POV_characters}}
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