Kithere Kedaire

Kithere Kedaire is a Life Mage from Lezaria, and one of the founders of the Elkandu.


At birth, Kithere had features typical of a song elf, with pointed ears, a rounded chin, and soft face. Her skin was a lavender complexion, her hair was violet, and her eyes were silver.

Her aura is light gray.

Kithere used a potion to change into a dwarf. While her aura and eye color remained the same, her skin is now pink and her hair golden.


Kithere is a decent, although not spectacular, Healer. She was trained in Healing Magic due to her aura being almost white, but she's not an inborn mage.


Kithere was born on the 7th of Heart Moon, 4197 LY, in Ordenburg, Rascalanse, on the world of Lezaria. Her parents are Kaymore Kedaire and Rezaline Isbar. She has a younger sister named Keolah.

In 4320, Kithere was kidnapped by Flylanders and taken to Castle Selnus. After being imprisoned there for three months, she was sent north to Zarhanna and sold into slavery to Garateck.

While pursuing information about the Nexus, Keolah's party encountered Kithere after having run afoul of slavers, and escaped along with her. In the Valley of Gal, Kithere encountered a shop offering potions that would change one's body into that of their previous life. She purchased one and it transformed her into a dwarf.

Once the Elkandu had reactivated the Nexus, Kithere traveled north to Tregas Valley in hopes of getting in touch with her past life. Based on her appearance and birth date, they identified her as the rebirth of Lynvar Grasal and those who had been her great-grandchildren welcomed her, although she didn't remember them at all.

Kithere married Taldruk Strages, although soon regretted it when it became clear his apparent chivalry and caring was really misogyny. Dwarf women were considered effectively property, and Taldruk became abusive even after Kithere got pregnant. With the help of Taldruk's brother, Kithere escaped from Tregas Valley and made her way back to Torn Elkandu.

In Kelletirandia, Kithere gave birth to Scregor Strages on the 18th of Life Moon, 4325, by Lezarian years.

Kaymore Rezaline
Taldruk Kithere Keolah Vakis
Scregor Valerezal
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