Kedresida is a country in Zarhanna, on Lezaria. It is primarily populated by song elves.


It is bound on the south by the Mirandarine Ocean, on the west by Thalarey across the Kedresidon Mountains, on the east by the Endless Plains across the River Samadon, and on the north by Rízán and the Great Bird Lake. The realm is heavily forested, and partially enclosed by the Kedresidon on the west and north. The main pass through the Kedresidon is at Rizzkeer, a strong node.

Dorgada is the largest city and capital, laying at the mouth of the River Sidon. It is also the site of the former royal palace. To the north, at the confluence of the Sidon and Isserb rivers lies the city of Isserb.

Off the coast south of the Kedresidon Mountains lies the Isle of Halladan, nominally under Kedresida's jurisdiction.


Kedresida was ruled over by kings for long and turbulent millennia, experiencing frequent wars with the goblins and trolls, occasionally even squabbles with Thalarey and Mithim.

In 4010 EY, after a disastrous campaign against the dwarves of Tregas Valley that led to widespread famine after the burning of many of the farms in the Endless Plains, Kedresida underwent a revolution that led to the overthrow of the ruling class. The surviving noble families were allowed to leave into exile by ship under the condition that they never return nor attempt to reclaim their positions.

The newly democratic Kedresida signed a peace treaty with Tregas Valley, ceding the Endless Plains as an independent country not under the jurisdiction of either of them.

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