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 +====Great Bird Lake====
 +The Great Bird Lake is a large freshwater lake in inland [[Zarhanna]], on the [[world]] of [[Lezaria]]. Its shores are mostly taiga, and a large island called [[Bird's Eye]] sits in the western part of the lake. It is bound on the north by [[Celevia]], on the west by [[Tominia]], on the east by [[Dorackelleth]], on the southeast by [[Tregas Valley]], on the south by [[Kedresida]], and on the southwest by [[Rízán]].
 +Scholars debate on whether the name arose from the multitude of birds that nest around the lake, or its roughly bird-like shape, since the lake is large enough that its shape could only have been seen by [[scrying]] [[magic]] high above or precise mapping.
 +{{tag>Lezaria Lakes}}
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