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Ethereal Plane

The Ethereal Plane stands in counterpart to the Material Plane, separated from it by the Veil, and is the ultimate source of all magic. Mana flows freely through the Ethereal, intermixing with the ambient mana in the adjacent Material Plane. A Catalyst can tap mana directly from the Ethereal Plane. Teleportation magic pierces through the Ethereal to rapidly reach a target location. Scrying magic peers through the Ethereal to discern objects at a distance.


The Ethereal Plane has layers, the closest of which is called the Dreamworld. This world is a reflection of the Material Plane as filtered through the subconscious dreams and wishes of all beings with souls in the adjacent realm.

Mid Ethereal

The Mid Ethereal is where most planes are located, such as Torn Elkandu being situated on the edge between the Mid and Deep Ethereal. In the layers beneath the Dreamworld, there is no basis of the geography from the Material. Instead, the Mid Ethereal layer is what used to be Vel'kira, while it still existed. Since its collapse, the remnants left behind still exist as planes within the layer they were in before, although they may not be in the same position or shape as they once were.

Deep Ethereal

The Deep Ethereal is the lowest layer, the last layer separating a world from the Void between worlds. This layer is strange and malleable, like an ever-changing maelstrom. Few mages go this deep, as almost everything interesting exists in the upper layers.

It is to the Deep Ethereal that the souls of the dead go before they are reborn. If a Soul Mage seeks to resurrect someone who has been dead for more than three days, they must dredge their soul out of the Deep Ethereal. This is complicated by the fact that, due to the malleable nature of the Deep Ethereal, a soul might form a pocket of thought and memory around itself like a bubble, a tiny world of its own dreamed up between one life and the next.

Concepts Aura, Focus, Inborn, Mana, Rebirth, Ritual, Runes, Soul, Talents
Locations Dream, Ether, Nodes, Veil, Void
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