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 +====Elven Council====
 +The Elven Council is the oldest democratic governmental organization on [[Lezaria]]. The date it was founded became used as the first year in the [[elven calendar]]. They meet in the city-fortress of [[Tinemocun]], on the border of [[Taverak]] and [[Thalarey]].
 +The council is comprised of democratically elected representatives from each major group of [[elves]]: [[Bird's Eye]], [[Celevia]], [[Corvar]], [[Dorackelleth]], [[Isle of Halladan]], [[Kedresida]], [[Noraley]], [[Taverak]], and [[Thalarey]]. The seat awarded to the Isle of Halladan is considered honorary, since the people of that island never actually elect a representative. Likewise, while Dorackelleth does elect a representative, they rarely bother to make the long journey back and forth. Sometimes Dorackelleth would even wind up with a representative who had never actually been to Dorackelleth.
 +The Elven Council never did a very good job of keeping the peace. While it was able to negotiate an end to the [[Wizard Wars]], the [[Necromancer's War]] involved more conflict with non-elves who did not have any representation on the council. After the fall of the [[League of Wizards]], the Elven Council took over as the main power in the north.
 +Over the millennia, the council began to meet less and less frequently over the years, and by the time of the [[Kedresidan Revolution]] of 4010, it hadn't actually met in centuries. An emergency session was called in order to try to resolve the dispute, and although nobody could quite remember how council sessions normally went, they hashed out an agreement that the deposed nobles would be allowed to go into exile peacefully.
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