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 +====Elemental Realm====
 +{{ https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/42/Solar_prominence_from_STEREO_spacecraft_September_29%2C_2008.jpg/240px-Solar_prominence_from_STEREO_spacecraft_September_29%2C_2008.jpg}}
 +The Elemental Realm is a [[realm]] within the [[Veil]]. It is comprised of a number of discrete, massive spheres, each made up of a vast quantity of a single element. Most of these spheres are incredibly inhospitable to an unprotected traveler.
 +The Elemental Realm can be reached via [[teleportation]] ritual using the numerological key of 4. Elementals are commonly [[summoned]] by mages, and are considered a relatively safe summon, since they are simple beings lacking complex thought, and easily controlled.
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