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 +Doomreign is a region in northwestern [[Wilderplane]], across the [[Sea of Doom]]. Although contiguous with the rest of the [[plane]], it is actually stabilized by its own [[Nexus]], and not part of the great symmetrical ring that makes up Wilderplane proper. The Nexus of Doomreign, however, is broken. It can accept incoming [[teleports]], but is incapable of fully activating to allow outgoing teleports.
 +[[Ranad]] is one of the major port towns on the Sea of Doom.
 +Due to its location along the normal path of Wilderplane's sun, it winds up being scorched every winter, forcing its inhabitants to spend a quarter of the year underground and making it difficult for any plant life to live there long-term. Most plants go to seed when the yearly sunfire comes around. Once the sun passes equinox, it attempts to go beneath Doomreign, and its enchantments force it to pass around it rather than going straight through it, making the lower levels of Doomreign molten every spring and forcing its inhabitants to return to the surface.
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