Death Magic

Death Magic, often called necromancer, is an uncommon Talent with abilities related to death or the dead.

The aura color typically associated with Death Magic is black.


The most well-known necromantic ability is the creation of undead. Corpses can be reanimated into different types of undead. The spirits of the dead can be called back into the Material Plane as ghosts, although this ability is often also grouped under Soul Magic.

A powerful necromancer can even turn themselves into a member of the undead through specific preparations and rituals, and many eventually attempt to do so in order to avoid slipping away into the death they have so often worked with through their lives.


Various negative debilitating effects also fall under Death Magic. A necromancer can cause decay in flesh, wilt plants, and rot wood. In a less extreme sense, a necromancer can also merely cause weakness and fatigue, which is easier to do while under attack. However, an extremely powerful necromancer may even be capable of instantly causing the death of a victim.

Interestingly, necromancers are often better at curing some diseases and infections than Healers, due to the fact that they can simply kill bacteria directly if they are sufficiently skilled to channel their magic precisely enough.

Common Talents Earth, Fire, Frost, Lightning, Water, Wind
Uncommon Talents Death, Illusion, Life, Mind, Motion, Security, Seeking, Speech
Rare Talents Catalysm, Change, Dream, Soul, Time, Void
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