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 +====Dawnspire Mountains====
 +{{ https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/03/Blender3D_Dragonfight_03.jpg/320px-Blender3D_Dragonfight_03.jpg|Image credit: Sascha Kozacenko}}
 +The Dawnspire Mountains, also commonly called the Dragonspire Mountains, is a large mountain range in eastern [[Kalor]]. Although nominally a part of the country of [[Hlusinia]], the Hlusinian government makes no attempt to actually govern the area.
 +The area is primarily under the jurisdiction of the [[dragons]], based in the city of [[Anachelgada]]. They bear limited tolerance for interference from [[humans]], but have an unlikely friendship with the [[rahi]].
 +{{tag>Lezaria Mountains}}
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