Ayande is a fire demon Mind Mage from the Abyss.


Ayande was hatched in the city of Nazrimor.

Ayande trained in Mind Magic and other magic of the Prime Realm under the tutelage of a fire demon called Flame Raven. He was a cruel master, and she ultimately murdered him to attach her freedom. Ayande was forced to flee the city of Nazrimor, and set up shop in Addanat several layers down. Ayande took an apprentice, Vanankyte Venari, and began to teach her primal magic as Flame Raven had taught her.

On the 17th of Harvest Moon, 4325, Ayande was summoned to Torn Elkandu by the lich Warui in order to be a blood sacrifice to his apprentice, Suzcecoz. Using her knowledge of Mind and Soul Magic, Ayande was able to persist beyond the death of her body by moving her mind into Suzy's when her soul was drained for power. She did not have much power over her new host at first, but was able to compel Suzy to perform actions that would increase her influence. Per her instructions, Suzy created a sword and placed a significant portion of her soul within, greatly weakening her control.

In Suzy's body, Ayande flew across the Wilderness and located a node beneath Black Mountain. Using the power from that node, she performed a teleport ritual to return to the Abyss. When she got back to Addanat, she discovered Vanankyte was missing, and began killing the members of the council who were responsible for her apprentice's persecution. To her surprise, Warui caught up to her and trapped her in a soulstone.

Upon returning to Torn Elkandu, Warui performed a Soul Magic ritual that fused Ayande's soul with that of Suzcecoz. Ayande remained in control at first, until Suzy used Mind Magic to discover Ayande's true name. Unable to separate, and unwilling to simply destroy the other, the two of them decided they had to learn to live with one another.

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