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 +====Albrynnian Empire====
 +The Albrynnian Empire is an empire that ruled over [[Albrynnia]], the [[Sunrise Islands]], and parts of [[Kalor]] at various points in history.
 +The Albrynnian Empire was founded in 1118. It began in the city-state of [[Hledola]], which aggressively expanded and conquered all of Albrynnia before moving on to the islands and the next continent.
 +The Empire never managed to conquer [[Doralis]]. The [[Witchwood]] cut off any invasion by land, and at that point in history, much of the population lived in scattered tribes in the inland forests. The Empire didn't find the small coastal fishing villages to be worth bothering with, and the land had no strategic value.
 +Before the Empire could move on to try to conquer the world, rumblings came out from the deepest forests and mountains. Monsters began emerging from the wilderness, from everywhere, in seemingly endless numbers. [[Harmony]] took the blame for the [[Fall of Albrynnia]], and became known as the Mother of Monsters. She had encouraged the [[wild folk]] to throw back their oppressors and gave them the means to fight back.
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